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PPF. Clear Bra Paint Protection Films

"Leading the way in Clear Bra Paint Protection Film services in in Hayward, California.. Transform your vehicle with our customized solutions for pristine, lasting beauty."
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personalized auto care with our clear bra paint protection film services:

“Discover tailored auto care through our Clear Bra Paint Protection Film services, safeguarding your vehicle with precision and style.”

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Bumper Package

Installed by: Douglas Silva
Package Price: $760
Included In Package: Full Front Bumper,Headlights,Fog lights,
location: Hayward, CA
Partial Package

Designed by: Douglas Silva
Project Budget: $1500
Package includes the following: Bumper, Headlights, Headlamp Kit, Fog Kit, Door Edge Guard Kit, Door Handle Inserts Kit, 24 Inches of the hood, 2 Partial Finders
location: Hayward,CA
Full Front Package

Designed by: Douglas Silva
Project Budget: $2500
Complete Front-End Coverage: front bumper, full hood, fenders, side mirrors, and other vulnerable areas. front section will be shielded from scratches, stone chips, bug splatters, and environmental contaminants.
location: Hayward,CA
Full Car Package

Designed by: Douglas Silva
Project Budget: $6500
Complete Coverage: Our Full Car Package provides complete protection for every painted surface of your vehicle. From the front bumper to the rear, the hood to the trunk, the doors to the side panels –
location: Hayward,CA
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How It Works

01 Share your vision

Align your aspirations with our expertise, creating a roadmap for your automotive transformation.

02 Set Budget & timeline

Define the parameters that guide your project's progress, ensuring a seamless journey.

03 research Coverage

Dive deep into the options and advantages of Clear Bra protection, making an informed choice.

04 Implementation

Watch as our skilled professionals bring your vision to life, step by step.

05 Apply, Safeguard, Revel.

Experience the joy of a perfectly protected vehicle, reflecting your unique style and passion.

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